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Under Armour Flawless Series 11.50" Infield Glove

Regular price $349.95

Under Armour’s first fielding glove offering comes after extensive Product Development, Materials and Field Testing. Why? The expectation is to create the best feeling and performing product possible. Experts with a combined 50+ years of experience designing gloves were partnered with one of the top baseball glove manufacturers in the world. This collection of tribal knowledge dedicated themselves to identifying the best materials, preferred patterns, and master craftsmen to entrust with this important product launch. The result born is Under Armour’s Flawless line of fielding gloves. Top 5% Japanese tanned Steer hide shells, world-class Pittard’s leather palm lining, and extensive hand shaping by expert glove technicians combine to create the perfect balance of comfort and long-lasting performance. FLAWLESS period.