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Under Armour Converge Victory Series Complete Set - Youth (Ages 9-12)

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UA Converge Victory Series Catching Complete Set (Ages 9-12)

The Under Armour Converge Victory Series Catcher's Kit offers complete protection with a secure, comfortable fit. The catching helmet included with this Under Armour catcher's gear is built with dual-density foam to absorb impact. The helmet and chest protector meet Commotio Cordis protection standards and features internal protective plates for durability and impact absorption as well as an adjustable harness for comfort. This Under Armour Catcher's Gear also comes with leg guards built with high-strength plastic for durability and protection. Stay safe and protected this season with the Under Armour Converge Victory Series Catcher's Kit.


Catcher's Helmet UAHG2-YVS

  • Adjustable tension for a secure fit
  • Dual-density foam liner absorbs impact
  • Size: 6-1/4 to 7

Chest Protector UACPCC4-JRVS

  • Internal protective plates
  • Over the shoulder coverage
  • Meets Commotio Cordis chest protector standards
  • Anatomical breakpoints and five-point adjustable harness for comfort
  • Size: 14.5"

Leg Guards UALG2-JRVS

  • Elastic straps for a secure fit
  • High-strength plastic for durability
  • Size: 13"

Throat Guard UATG3Y