Re-Color Services

Regular price $100.00

Faded, stained, worn-out, and just plain sad.  Don't let this be how you describe your glove.  Our Re-Color Service includes a 5-step process that will restore your leather to a like-new color. 

  • We breakdown your glove and thoroughly clean the leather
  • The leather is de-glazed to remove any remaining finish
  • We use professional level dye to restore color
  • We buff off the access color for a smooth, even finish
  • The leather is sealed to prevent runoff and color transfer

* Re-Color Services are intended to restore color and finish to your glove.  This service does not fix tears, rips, holes, or any other imperfections on the hide that are physical.

* Re-Color Services do not include Re-Lacing.  All Re-Lace Services must be purchased in addition to your Re-Color Service for complete assembly.