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Rawlings REV1X REV204-32CB 11.50" Infield Glove (RGGC March - Limited Edition)

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Rawlings REV1X RGGC March 2022 - Limited Edition

Members of the exclusive Rawlings Gold Glove Club are comprised of select team dealers that have proven to be true ambassadors of the Rawlings brand. As a reward for their timeless efforts to promote Rawlings gloves, these preferred accounts will have first-to-market access to unique Rawlings glove models. Brand new, leading-edge glove designs and patterns will be distributed each month as part of the Rawlings Gold Glove Club Collection.

• 11 ½” pattern and Split Single Post web is ideal for infielders, helping secure the ball and allowing for quicker transfers
• Variable stiffness in the thumb and pinky, reducing the weight of the glove without
sacrificing protection or durability
• 3-D shape with thinner, yet sturdier padding, and a sleek profile that won’t break down over time
• Laceless web eliminates top-of-the-web lacing, giving the player improved fielding ability
• Adaptive fit system offers a tailored “custom” fit for each player, accommodating a range of wrist sizes
• Features the Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide® palm leather padding
• Limited Edition RGGC March 2022