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Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards

Regular price $129.95

The new Pro Preferred® Series Leg Guards feature a TRI-TECH™ Padding which keeps the air circulating between the leg guards and your body to allow cool air in and hot air out. The triple-knee and confirming lightweight designs offer ultimate protection without sacrificing mobility.

• Adult 16.5" LGPRO & Adult 17.5" LGPRO2 (age 15 and older)
• AIMS™: Advanced Impact Management System™
• Impact absorbing foam in the knee
• TRI-TECH™ Padding: Keeps air circulating between leg guards and body allowing cool air in and releasing the hot air
• Conforming lightweight design for comfort and mobility
• Pro Dri® covered adjustable internal padding for moisture management and comfort
• Triple-knee design for protection
• Patented Supertoe™ for ultimate instep protection
• TOE FLAP STRAP: Toe flap stays in protective position whether you are crouched behind the plate or running to back up a play