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Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO-GOLDYVII 11.75" Infield Glove (RGGC June - Limited Edition)

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Rawlings HoH RGGC June 2023 - Limited Edition

Members of the exclusive Rawlings Gold Glove Club are comprised of select team dealers that have proven to be true ambassadors of the Rawlings brand. As a reward for their timeless efforts to promote Rawlings gloves, these preferred accounts will have first-to-market access to unique Rawlings glove models. Brand new, leading-edge glove designs and patterns will be distributed each month as part of the Rawlings Gold Glove Club Collection.

Constructed from Rawlings’ world-renowned Heart of the Hide® steer hide leather, Heart of the Hide® gloves feature the game-day patterns of the top Rawlings Advisory Staff players. These high quality gloves have defined the careers of those deemed “The Finest in the Field”®, and are available to athletes looking to join the next class of defensive greats.

• The 7th generation of the Rawlings Gold Glove Club exclusive Goldy gloves
• Constructed from the top 5% of available hides
• Professional patterns
• Deertanned cowhide plus palm lining and soft, full-grain fingerback linings provide a comfortable feel
• Pro Grade leather laces add durability and strength
• Padded thumb sleeve for added comfort
• Thermoformed hand opening
• Unique gold accents featured on the finger backs of the glove
• Split Single Post web offers increased stability and secures the ball in the web while preventing the ball from bouncing out
• Hand Sewn Welt for added comfort in the thumb and pinky
• Features an eye-catching ColorSync sherry and gold embossed patch logo
• Limited Edition RGGC June 2023