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Rawlings CoolFlo Batting Helmet

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Rawlings Coolflo® technology, first introduced in 2006, forever revolutionized batting helmet protection with its state-of-the-art venting system and sleek, aerodynamic look. Initially worn by all Major League Baseball® athlete. Specifically constructed for the athlete desiring a helmet with an established history of excellence along with pro-inspired attributes. Rawlings Coolflo® models will continue to redefine the standards of traditional helmet design. Meets NOCSAE® standards.

• Pre-drilled for Rawlings NOCSAE® approved face guards
• Sizing: 6 ½” – 7 ½”
• Molded finish
• Fits mask: BB1WG/SB1WG
• Meets NOCSAE® standards
• Traditional COOLFLO® design
• 1-Tone finish