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Mizuno Pro "Zilla" GMP55 12.50" - Outfield Glove (Limited Edition)

Regular price $449.95

The GMP55Z is the reincarnation of the legendary Mizuno outfield pattern GMP55 that was made famous by Mizuno Legend Hideki Matsui. “Zilla” is named after his iconic nickname that made him one of the most feared players in baseball! The GMP55Z is the same pattern cut as it’s predecessor that everyone loved, but with some new highlights and accents to make this a truly retro-futuristic Mizuno glove. “Zilla” is introducing the newest Mizuno Runbird wrist logo that features 4 different touches of gold. The GMP55Z also features the famous Deguchi steerhide leather that is debossed with “Zilla-skin” to pay homage to this incredible Mizuno legend. Our red palm liner features the “Zilla” logo embroidered to strike fear in any opponent on the field. The GMP55Z is a 12.5” glove pattern that has always crossed over between baseball, slowpitch and fastpitch. This glove can be trusted on any diamond in the world with its Cross 55M web to make all the plays. Celebrate one of the most storied players from Japan, Mizuno legend, Hideki Matsui and one of those most feared mythological creatures to ever appear on the big screen and grab a piece of history with the reincarnation of “Zilla!"


  • 12.50" Outfield Model
  • Re-Birth of the historic GMP-55 pattern
  • First Zilla-Skin leather Mizuno release in North America
  • Gameday pattern of Mizuno legend Hideki Matsui
  • North American release of the new gold RUNBIRD
  • Deguchi Steerhide Leather
  • Limited Edition 2024