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Mizuno Pro Limited Majesty 11.75" GMP-HAGA1175A Infield Glove (Limited Edition January 2024)

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Mizuno Pro Limited "Majesty" 11.75" January 2024 Limited Edition

Born out of the humble rolling hills of Haga, Japan, the January Mizuno Pro Limited glove is a regal piece of art, made only for a truly royal defender. The Mizuno Haga glove factory and Mizuno North America have combined to create a glove of significant noble beginnings. “Majesty” is an 11.75 inch model that features a “Crown Back” design, the first for Mizuno North America in decades. The web is our traditional deep-3 web that comes in an elegant suede finish that is different than the rest of the glove. Although this glove is made in Haga, Japan with impeccable materials, attention to detail and craftsmanship, the hand opening is more of a North American fit on a Japanese pattern. If you are looking to experience the “Haga difference” Majesty is the king of the castle. #NothingFeelsLikeAMizuno

  • Made in Haga Japan
  • Crown Back Model
  • Buffed Suede Deep III Web
  • 11.75"
  • Japanese Deep Pattern
  • North American Hand Opening
  • Axiom X Cut
  • Prexy Kip Leather
  • January 2024 Limited Edition