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Mizuno Pro Limited 11.50" GMP-HAGA1150D - Infield Glove (Limited Edition)

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Mizuno Pro Limited 11.50" HAGA

This glove is equal parts performance, material quality and pure beauty. “Old Faithful” is a glove that pays homage to that beautiful old brown (USA CORK) baseball glove but with cutting edge material and craftsmanship that is second to none.

Carved out of the rolling hills of central Honshu island sits Mizuno's storied Haga ball glove factory. This ball glove studio has imagined and created some of the most sought after and dynamic baseball gloves the world has ever seen. "Old Faithful" is no different, as it's Prexy Kip leather, superior internal components and expertly hand-crafted build have come together to create a glove that has ultra-premium look and feel. If you're looking for that Mizuno Magic in a lightweight, yet durable package, look no further than the Old Faithful's combination of tradition and innovation.