Marucci Capitol Series C•MOD 12.00" C15K2 Pitcher/Infield Glove

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Hand Position: Shift
  • The shifted hand position is placing both the ring finger and the pinky finger inside the pinky stall.
  • The shifted hand position creates greater leverage and enhances the players ability to close the glove while deepening the pocket.
C•MOD Features
  • 3D molded thumb and pinky inserts provide ergonomic fit and enhanced pocket closing grip
  • Strategically constructed multi-layered sheepskin palm drastically reduces weight while preserving glove structure
  • Memory foam padded thumb and pinky molds create an exceptional feel while reducing impact vibration
Glove Features
  • Web: Two Piece Solid
  • Premium Japanese-tanned USA Kip leather combines ideal stiffness with lightweight feel
  • Professional-grade rawhide laces
  • Moisture-wicking mesh wrist lining with added memory foam padding
  • To determine sizing, consider your batting glove size:
    • S/M batting gloves – consider the Medium C•MOD glove
    • L/XL batting gloves – consider the Large C•MOD glove
  • Medium size uses a tapered wrist opening measuring 7”, with the ability to adjust to 6.5”
  • Medium size best fits a hand size measuring 6.5” – 7.25” in length
  • Large size uses a wrist opening measuring 7.5”, with the ability to adjust to 7”
  • Large size best fits a hand size measuring 7.5” – 8.25” in length