Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12.00" PRO206 (Limited Edition - Apollo Sports Exclusive)

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Heart of the Hide PRO206 12.00" Apollo Sports Exclusive

For the next Apollo Sports EXCLUSIVE offering from Rawlings, we bring you the Heart of the Hide PRO206 Limited Edition.  This utility pattern is ideal for pitchers, infielders, and outfielders and is only offered in a right hand thrower. 

Model: PRO206
Leather: Heart of the Hide
Fit: Standard
Throwing Hand: Right-Hand Throw (Quantities Limited)
Position: Infield/Pitcher/Outfield
Size: 12.00"

Web: Laced 2-Piece Solid Web
Color: Royal and Camel Speed Shell
Logo Patch: Black on Camel
Laces: Camel
Lining: Black
Stamping: Gold
Wrist Lining: Thermo Formed
Break-In: Standard

* This model will begin shipping on 11.20.20.