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Apollo Sports Premium Leather Balm - ASPLB

Regular price $14.99

Apollo Sports Premium Leather Balm is now available to the public!

Our mission is to RESTORE, PRESERVE, AND PROTECT your leather.

This exclusive formula is 100% environmentally friendly, FDA approved, completely safe for human skin, and totally kicks @$$.

Our balm will restore your leather using natural oils and waxes formulated to penetrate the hide while enhancing its finish.  The rosemary mint scent and tacky feel are just a couple of reasons why our Premium Balm is the #1 choice for professional ball players and baseball/softball glove enthusiasts.  We include our Balm Sponge for smooth and even application, although you can use a soft cloth or bare hands if you prefer.

Apollo Sports Premium Leather Balm is perfect for....

  • Restoring old, scratched, and dried out ball gloves
  • Preserving the glossy finish on your gamer
  • Protecting the interior of your glove from sweat absorption and dry rot

Our Premium Leather Balm is specifically designed for use on full grain, finished leather, and high-quality hides.  We do not recommend use on nubuck, suede, genuine leather, napped or extremely soft leather.

Application Instructions:

  • Clean the surface of your leather with a damp cloth and allow to dry completely
  • Test in a discreet area
  • Lighter-colored leathers will darken with use (darkening effects usually lighten up once balm has absorbed)
  • Apply a light coat and let balm absorb naturally
  • Allow balm to dry completely before applying a second coat
  • When balm has fully absorbed, buff off access and allow to dry

Product Information:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • FDA Approved
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly
  • Package includes 2 Ounces of Premium Leather Balm and Balm Sponge