All-Star S7 AXIS Pro Chest Protector

Sale price $199.95 Regular price $229.99

The S7 Axis™ chest protector provides many of the beloved elements of the original S7™ CP30PRO including wedged abs for blocking, internal and moldable PE protective plates for protection and fit, and the same outer profile.This chest protector will feel just like the classic with a few major improvements.
  • Diamond vents line the back for even more weight reduction and breathability
  • Stainless steel matte black hardware
  • Thinner and more form fitting DeltaFlex harness
  • Improved break points which present a flatter surface for blocking and improving control.
  • All star chest protectors are measured from the top of the sternum (below the collar) to a player's navel.
  • The chest protector should fit high, with the throat guard over the base of the neck.
  • WEIGHT: 22.4oz
  • LENGTH:16.5"
  • CLEANING: Machine wash. Cold water / mild detergent / air dry.