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All-Star Pro Elite 34.00" Catcher's Mitt - CM3000MBK - Martin Maldonado Model

Regular price $449.95

The CM3000 Series is the mitt of choice for many professional and amateur baseball catchers. Exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide allows for fast break-in and extended life. Only the finest materials and hand craftsmanship are used to make these exceptional mitts. The solid black leather is perfect for a player looking for a stiffer glove. Unlike the original CM3000 the solid black mitt features black leather on both the inside and outside of the mitt. Each mitt is a work of art, individually hand made.

Sizes and Model Numbers:

  • 35 Inch: CM3000BK
  • 34 Inch: CM3000MBK
  • 33.5 Inch: CM3000SBK