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All-Star MVP4000 Series - Two Tone

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All-Star System 7 Adult Two Tone, Pc Shell - Super Light Cage 

The MVP4000 features an I-BAR VISION™ steel cage, an extremely durable polycarbonate shell, breathable 3D mesh padding liner, a backplate designed to keep the snaps on, and an extra band of shock absorbing vinyl nitrile in the forehead.

  • The System Seven™ MVP4000 series is suggested for anyone who experiences ball speeds around 100MPH.
  • Chosen by more Major League professional athletes than any other brand.
  • The MVP4000 masks are our best testing and most durable catching helmets we have engineered to date.
  • In addition to NOCSAE impact test conditions, we test at baseball velocities above 100mph in our own test lab at our headquarters in MA as well as at an independent test lab.
  • There is no concussion-proof helmet or mask.
  • Lower energy reaching the head is certainly a step in the right direction, however no helmet or mask can eliminate the risk of multiple sub-concussive blows.
  • There is still much that the world does not know about concussions. We keep learning. That’s how we #MFRA.
  • The moisture wicking Armor Clad™ mesh liner system is removable and machine washable. Replacement padding can be purchased separately. Having a second liner system can be usefull for those hot summer days with double header games.

Sizing: Head Sizes 7 - 7 1/2 +
The Average 12 year old can typically start wearing an Adult sized helmet.

Cleaning: Machine wash liner. Cold water / mild detergent / air dry.